Two top-notch organizations have added new blogs that will discuss campaign finance issues, among other things.


First, the Executive Branch Project at the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies has created the Executive Branch Review Blog, which addresses all things executive branch. Here’s the description of the effort:


An increase in Federal executive branch regulatory activity – whether through executive order, formal or informal administrative agency action – has been noted by many across the country. In launching Executive Branch Review, the Practice Groups of the Federalist Society seek to prompt a national debate about whether there has been an uptick in such regulatory activity, and, if so, with what consequence. The project will provide an objective resource that identifies major government activity, and provides a forum for debate and discussion about whether such regulation constitutes a form of legal and regulatory overreach.


As both the Federal Elections Commission and the Internal Revenue System are both executive agencies, the blog promises to have some terrific insight on the issues touching upon (if not consuming altogether) these organizations.


Second, Perkins Coie LLP’s Political Law group has begun a blog on election law, In the Arena. The group is one of the best and most active in the country and the blog reflects the viewpoint of pragmatic practitioners and a realistic approach to what regulation can and cannot do. (Full disclosure: I was an attorney at Perkins Coie before coming to IJ.)


For people who follow campaign finance and constitutional issues, both are well worth a bookmark.