Some readers of Make No Law may have seen a recent study released by the Center for Public Integrity concluding that New Jersey is the state with the lowest risk of corruption in the country.  Writing in The Wall Street Journal today, IJ Attorney Paul Sherman and University of Rochester Professor David Primo take a […]

Nothing is too small to escape the attention of the Speech Police. Matthew LaCorte is a recent high school graduate in the Borough of Woodland Park, New Jersey, who is going to college this fall. Matt is a member of Young Americans for Liberty and a Ron Paul supporter. He wanted to show that support […]

Freedom of speech is on the rise. America’s campaign finance censors are losing in the courts. They are losing in the legislatures. And, perhaps most importantly, they are losing on the battlefield of ideas. But despite all of that, the forces of censorship are as dogged and relentless as a cyborg killing machine from the […]

Yesterday, the Institute for Justice filed a reply brief in the U.S. Supreme Court in support of its challenge to Arizona’s Clean Elections Act. The Goldwater Institute, which is litigating a related challenge before the Court, filed its reply brief on Tuesday.   For those of you who don’t remember, Arizona’s system gives publicly financed […]

  In a recent Huffington Post piece, Carl Pope from the Sierra Club calls out the American Petroleum Institute for forming a political committee that will contribute to congressional candidates. What does Pope find so damning? According to API’s executive vice president for government affairs:   “At the end of the day, our mission is […]

  Today’s Daily Caller contains an interesting op-ed about food advertising.       It turns out that would-be censors of all stripes share a common conviction: that the American public is stupid. And because they believe that Americans are inherently gullible, these know-it-alls feel it is their sacred calling to control what information is […]

The First Amendment means that government bureaucrats don’t get to play art critic. But in Arlington, Virginia, local zoning officials told Wag More Dogs that its mural depicting happy cartoon dogs, bones and paw prints was an illegal sign because it has “a relationship” with the business. Wag More Dogs has had to cover its […]

In the spirit of Citizen Speech month, is proud to present story about a political entrepreneur featured in the Institute’s recent Keep Out report:   Diana Hsieh was a blogger when few people knew what the term meant. A passionate advocate for individual rights, she launched her now-popular blog Noodlefood in 2002 while working […]

As longtime readers of this blog may remember, the U.S. Supreme Court last Term decided Doe v. Reed, which asked whether Washington State could release the names and addresses of those who signed a controversial referendum petition. Check out IJ Senior Attorney Steve Simpson talking at Cato’s Constitution Day about what the Court did (and […]

In America, the only thing you should need to talk about politics is an opinion. But unfortunately far too many states view freedom of speech not as a right, but a privilege that they can regulate, license and control. Today, the Institute for Justice has launched a nationwide Citizen Speech Campaign that will vindicate the […]