I have an op-ed in the Tampa Tribune today about IJ’s challenge to Florida’s campaign finance laws, which place unconstitutional burdens on groups that independently advocate the passage or defeat of ballot issues.  Here’s an excerpt:   “Hey Bob, have you been reading about Amendment 4?”   “I sure have, Susan. I think it’s awful.” […]

In the marketplace for goods and services, entrepreneurs are engines for innovation and change. Likewise, in the political arena, political entrepreneurs bring new ideas and voices to public debate and provide outside competition that keeps the political establishment on its toes.   As part of the Institute for Justice’s new Citizen Speech Campaign, we released […]

In America, the only thing you should need to talk about politics is an opinion. But unfortunately far too many states view freedom of speech not as a right, but a privilege that they can regulate, license and control. Today, the Institute for Justice has launched a nationwide Citizen Speech Campaign that will vindicate the […]

While Senate Republicans have successfully put a stop to DISCLOSE for the time being, the Fair Elections Now Act (FENA) continues to move forward in the House. This past Thursday, the Committee on House Administration voted to send FENA to the floor. One Democrat, Artur Davis, voted against it. According to sources on the Hill, […]

A front page article in today’s Washington Post highlights how free speech is on the rise.  Since late July, many new groups from across the ideological spectrum have come together to independently advocate for or against candidates this election season.  By vigorously talking about the issues and candidates they care about the most, these new […]

The President is disappointed that the DISCLOSE Act died in the Senate last week.  He said, among other things, that “Wall Street, the insurance lobby, oil companies and other special interests are now one step closer to taking Congress back and returning to the days when lobbyists wrote the laws.”   Wait just a second. […]

Twelve-term U.S. Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) was recently criticized in independent political ads funded by a group calling itself Concerned Taxpayers of America.  Rep. DeFazio wanted to know who was behind the ads, and he wasn’t willing to wait until the group filed its quarterly campaign finance report in October to find out.  The Washington […]

Huffington Post reporter Sam Stein tweets that the DISCLOSE Act fell one vote short of cloture.

Over at Shopfloor.org, Carter Wood reports that the cloture vote on DISCLOSE will take place this afternoon at 2:15. According to a report last night by Meredith Shiner in Politico, DISCLOSE’s prospects for surviving the vote look grim:   Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced through a spokesman that he was bringing the DISCLOSE […]

I can imagine few worse ways to spend a day than watching Senators give speeches on C-SPAN 2, but that’s exactly what Sean Parnell of the Center for Competitive Politics has been doing today. Why has he been subjecting himself to this ordeal? Senators are debating the DISCLOSE Act, which will be up for a […]